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Posted 28-03-2020

Planting Trees- Best Way to Save the Environment


Azaan International School is concerned about the protection of the environment and firmly supports the movement of planting trees to save it. There are many social activists, nature lovers, farmers and even common people take time to plant as many trees as possible to save the environment from pollution, climate changes and other similar calamities.  

Oxygen in the atmosphere is the most essential element of our existence. Only plants have the capacity to absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen. A tree can absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide from the surroundings and give back oxygen. It has the ability to keep the surroundings cool and retain water in the soil. Azaan International School wants its students and well-wishers to join the movement of planting trees and save the environment by planting at least one tree and upkeep them. Many studies reveal that a single mature tree absorbs around 6 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide per year, whereas an actively growing young tree can absorb its double amount of CO2.

If you plan to plant some trees, here are some tips from Azaan International School to help you.

●    If you are ready to plant a tree, choose a tree suitable for the soil type and surroundings. Pick a healthy sapling with no broken roots. Take care to moist the roots till you plant it.
●    The hole should be deeper and wider than the length and spread of the roots if the soil is well drained and loamy. If the soil is heavy and clayey type, it is good to make the hole a few inches shallower than the root ball.
●    It is always good to make the surrounding earth loose with a spade to enhance the growth of the tree.
●    If the soil is heavy, the plant should be a bit out of the hole. Otherwise, make the soil even around the sapling.
●    Don’t forget to remove the coverings of the tree before planting it and take care to remove the bad roots or broken branches.
●    After planting and filling the hole halfway, water the hole if it is not raining. Water is essential to eliminate the air pockets around and pack the soil nearby the tree.
●    Complete the filling of the hole and make a ridge around it to hold up water. Keep a spread around the tree with organic mulch or compost to retain moisture and suppress weeds.
●    Water the dig well during dry weather at least for the first one or two years.


It is always good to grow something. The value of growing a tree is high and if it is a fruit tree, you may get rewarded visibly for your attempt. Azaan International School strives to protect the environment clean and pure by growing as many trees are possible through the students and their families. You are also welcome to join this venture and protect our environment from further harm.



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