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Posted 24-04-2020

Colours Day Celebration Build the cognitive skills of pre-primary kids


Colours’ Day Celebration: Build the cognitive skills of pre-primary kids

The pre-primary days of children are the phase when their cognitive and motor skills take shape. Developmental and interactive abilities of the children also get noticed during this age. Hence, it is very crucial for the parents at home and teachers in the school to actively engage kids in activities which boost their cognitive abilities. A lot of activities can be done in this regard and the celebration of Colors Day is one of them which are vital to be introduced in the school.


The format of Colurs’ Day Celebration in school

 Different schools follow different ways of introducing colours to the children. You can choose to go with theme-based plan in which one month can be dedicated for one single colour. One particular day should be dedicated to activities and events for that colour and the rest of the days talk about that colour, its important, its presence, and others shades of that colour.


Activities for a Colour Day or a Colour Month 


Specific foods for Colour Day:  If you are celebrating “Yellow Day”, dedicate one day for yellow colour foods like banana, turmeric, yellow rice, yellow bell peppers, lemons etc. Kids should be able to identify which foods are yellow and what are the health benefits of that colour.



Specific dress for Colour Day: One day should be dedicated to a particular colour dress in which all the kids and teachers should be asked to come in that colour dress. If you are celebrating “Blue Day”, teachers and children should wear blue dress. Talk about the important of blue day and what all things are blue in colour in their house and close environment.



Play colour puzzles: These types of games not only enhance the cognitive skills of the kids but also highlight their motor skills. Ask your children to combine similar colour puzzle blocks or cards in one row and count the maximum numbers. In one activity, you would be able to develop many skills within the children.


Colour printing activities: This can engage the children in a very artistic way. For any specific Colour Day, ask the children to paint things with that colour. Colouring trees, houses, fruits, finger printing, palm printing are a few things to do. For pre-primary II, you can even ask kids to fill relative colour in given images; for example, ask to fill green colour in things which are green in nature among a group of things.


Colour toys day: This activity not only engages the kids in school, but also in home. Ask the children to bring same colour toys or objects if you are celebrating any specific colour day. For example, on “Red Day”, they all should bring red toys or stuffs. Children can show off their things and play together.


Azaan International School, which puts special emphasis on the overall development of kids right from the foundation level, is backed up by a team of experts who design and introduce highly engaging activities for kids at the pre-primary level. Nurturing the growth of children on strong foundation is what can bring sustainable learning experience.


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