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Posted 05-02-2018

A Step Ahead - Sport it out


Every week, until now, I had been writing about all sports collectively. Now I would like to tell you more about a sport which I love and many people around the world do too i.e, football (or soccer) and also some of the many reasons to choose this sport as your favorite!

Sports fans are interesting people. They appreciate sorts and the spirit of competition in general, but will always have a favorite and they’ll always explain why their sport is the best one ever to grace this earth. I am a sports fan that is going to explain why football is simply the greatest sport in the world.

You may say I, m wrong, that it’s just a game. But football is so much more than just a game. It’s become a way for the poor to escape the reality of their lives, a game played by hundreds & millions around the world.

It’s a game that breaks down social boundaries and connects people of opposite cultures. All you need is a ball and a pair of shoes.

For an abundance of other reasons, football is 10 steps ahead of any other sport at all times, and generates the most fans since its modest beginnings.

Albert Camus, a French Nobel Laureate said,

‘’everything I know about morality and the obligations of men,

I owe it to football.’’

But what makes it the beautiful game, is the fact that it takes thousands of different countries, cultures, dialects & brings them together under one simple language ‘Football’


Sania Tahseen

Sports Captain- International School in Hyderabad.



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