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"Learn as if you were to live forever"

Posted 11-02-2018

AIS - No Bag No Book Day


Hands on Learning activities


This is very much true and often proved

If a child grinds himself studying the whole day almost every day, he is more likely to get bored and lose interest. His or her mind won’t be able to grab on concepts easily. Giving him or her opportunities to explore other domains will help him/her to rejuvenate and relax.

A balanced scheme of work and recreation is the proper way to keep the mind in trim shape.

A combination of studies with recreation will keep children happy and balanced.

Recreation benefits extend to psychological well being .Recreation provides an opportunity for a student to shine in areas that are not strictly academics and thus contributes to the child’s personal sense of pride and belonging in their School environment.

So, Azaan, The best international school has taken an initiative to rejuvenate the students by having

A “NO Bag and NO Book Day” on 25th of January, 2018.

Children came to school without their school bag and course curriculum books.

The students were involved in some creative and joyful learning activities throughout the day. The teachers also got an opportunity to build a good rapport with their students and thereby strengthen the student teacher relationship.

The day started with special assembly in which Grade 5 students performed a skit on “The Rights of a Child”. To make the little ones aware of the unique National symbols that represent our country, Grade 1& 2 students were involved in individual card making activity with the theme of National Flag and a group activity with the theme “National Symbols”.

Grade 3 students did an activity based on the theme “Green Earth”. They decorated the balls in the form of earth and tried to show all the possible ways to make our earth green and also they represented the causes responsible for damaging our nature.

Grade 4 students worked on the theme “Our Environment”. They worked in groups and made beautiful hats and decorated them with wonderful ideas to save our environment from pollution.

Grade 5 students made comic strips on the topic “Child labour” and they have portrayed their wonderful thoughts in a very beautiful way. These activities were organized to explore and encourage creativity in children and offer them a platform to show their skills.

As “Today’s Children are tomorrow’s citizens”, children should know about their country & also their rights and responsibilities.

A documentary on Republic day was shown to the students which reflected the significance of the Republic Day. Children came to know many facts related to our constitution and its importance.

The documentary also enlivened the spirit of patriotism amongst the students.

It was indeed a very enjoyable and refreshing learning experience for students as well as for the teachers.

The feedback given by the students reflected their happiness.


Deputy Head Mistress,

Kaneez Siddiqua.



Katha Utsav


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