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Posted 11-03-2020

Azaan Scool News | Yellow Day Celebration at Azaan International CBSE School


Yellow Day Celebration at Azaan International CBSE School


At Azaan International School, celebrations are unlimited. When it comes to Yellow Day 2019, we also celebrate them with joy and fun. This is to make our pre-school students remember the colors and their meaning to life. We celebrated this with a yellow sense everywhere from dresses to the food and snacks what we eat. This has made our school look brighter as the yellow sunshine is. This colourful think happened due to the efforts of our teachers, parents, and students. Altogether we made it a happening day to rejoice with yellow color.


Importance of Yellow Color

  • Energy
  • Enlightenment
  • Fertility
  • Freshness
  • Glory
  • Happiness
  • Holy
  • Intellectual
  • Money
  • Optimism
  • Positive influence
  • Prosperity
  • Religious
  • Spiritual
  • Sunshine
  • Wisdom


The Yellow day is celebrated in a week of a day in some culture. As an educational institution, we decided to celebrate yearly once. This color has much importance with education and the student’s life. We celebrate this apart from religion and culture. We observe this day to give importance to Yellow color and its significance in life.  


Dress to Wear on Yellow Day


With these importances, our students will come to know why the yellow day is celebrated. We informed a week before to wear a yellow color dress to all of our students. Our teachers and administrative staffs too came to school with yellow color dressing. By this, our school campus looked bright and as sunlight.


Foods to bring on Yellow Day


We suggested taking any food items, which are in yellow. Our students were smart enough to bring bananas, papaya, pumpkin, and orange. They also brought Dal Chaval and Dal Curry. The parents were great to make some yellow color food with yellow color vegetables and cereals, and pulses. Our students also brought snacks made of yellow color essence. By this, we had a great time with yellow color foods during the snacks and lunch-time.


Yet, we have celebrated the Yellow Day with great fun and rejoice. This kind of engagement with students is essential to know the importance of colors and its meaning in social, and cultural. Our students did well with a yellow day speech in English in the morning assembly. Our students and parents contribution is amazing towards the yellow day decorations, yellow day projects, yellow day craft, and yellow day chart. We are planning to get more yellow day celebration in school ideas and do better for the year 2020. 


Katha Utsav


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