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Posted 14-12-2017

A Step Ahead - Remembering Novotna


Remembering Novotna (Born : 2nd Oct 1968  - Died : 19th Nov 2017)

I would like to dedicate this blog to a great sportsperson – Jana Novotna

Wimbledon champion, Jana Novotna was a true winner but it was the misfortune of the brilliant Czech, who died on 19th Nov, 2017 aged 49, to always be recalled for one of sport’s most famous and heart-rendering meltdown despite her collection of 100 tennis titles.

After Novotna’s death, following a long fight with cancer, Wimbledon, the tournament where she really made her name in both defeat and victory, paid tribute to her as a “True Champion” in all senses of the world.

She was victorious as singles champion in 1998, it was five years earlier, that she really captured the sympathy of the world of sports when losing the Wimbledon Final to Steffi Graf.

Her defeat is still considered one of sport’s greatest meltdowns, as Novotna was a point away from taking a 5-1 lead in the 3rd set only to serve a double fault.

She had become a laughing stock when she lost again to Martina Hingis four years later in the same final.

She finally proved everyone wrong when a year later, she lifted the 1998 Wimbledon crown with practically everyone on the court cheering for her, as she beat French woman  Natalie Tauziat in straight sets.

This was a story of a great woman who never gave up, come what may, even though people criticized her, she did not lose hope and kept working hard and finally emerged as a winner.

The sports world looks up to her as a great player whom everyone would look up to.

“No one will fight the day it came right for Jana Novotna at Wimbledon.”

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